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Welcome to Prime Defense on Dark Reaper!
    Guildmaster- Jeh -Smuggler Class Leader
    Officer-Venkman- Trooper Class Leader
    Officer- Ramveng- Jedi Counselor Class Leader
    Officer- Mathius- Jedi Knight Class Leader

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                                               Brought to you by Jeh.

Updated Raid Group A

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LVL 50 pics

Pearce, Jan 7, 12 9:55 PM.
Dont forget to add pictures of your character at lvl 50!

Rules and Regulations

Pearce, Jan 5, 12 5:18 AM.
• Preface •

Above all else you read here Prime Defense is a collection of friends that meet in TOR to have fun. While each of us may find joy in different aspects of play, the end result is the same. We gather together under the banner of PD to be with like minded individuals and be a part of a community. In any community you will have differences of opinion and belief. The ability to discuss an issue and not argue is what makes us courtious. The following rules are in place to help us give an even hand to all members of Prime Defense. In a perfect world no one would ever need them.

• Core Rules •

Members of Prime Defense are always expected to abide by the rules set forth in this document. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action taken by the officers that can include warning, demotion, suspension, or banishment from the guild. All disciplinary actions can be appealled by the infracting member, however after the appeal all actions are final.

This is a relaxed raiding guild. Maintaining "relaxed" is a core goal of the guild leadership, but maintaining "raiding" is equally important. With that in mind, the following principles should be upheld by all guild members:

  • Be courteous to all players, regardless if they are fellow guild members, allies, or enemies. Insulting other players (guild member or otherwise) reflects badly upon the guild and will not be tolerated in any form. Respect is earned, courtesy must be given in order to maintain a friendly guild.
  • Do no ask for heals from the healer. He or she will do their job.

  • All guild members are expected to act maturely. You can be mature and still have fun.

  • Be cautious with your language. Swearing is likely to occur in guild, group and Ventrillo chat but is strongly encouraged; however should be completely curtailed in public.

  • Guild members are to always positively represent the guild. Professional behaviour reflects well on the guild, terrible behaviour reflects badly, and a bad reputation spreads faster than a good one.

  • No Cheating, Hacking, or Exploiting. If anyone is found to be in breach of any game policies you will be reported to Bioware and removed from the Guild. No second chance.

  • Begging will not be tolerated. Just because other players are a higher level than you, does not mean they can always afford to help you. If you need something, kindly ask in guild chat, if someone can help you, they will, if not, do not keep asking.

  • Applying to another guild while a member of PD will be considered to be equivalent to a resignation from Prime Defense.
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